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Our location is the first thing you will appreciate when you visit The Bracebridge. We’re within Sutton Park itself, sat beside Bracebridge Pool. We’re the restaurant in the park.

Nestled among the trees on a location that dates back to the 15th century. The restaurant and outdoor terrace have stunning views. Our covered terrace looks out onto the pool, which is more a lake than a pool. It’s so bright, open and airy that we’re certain you’ll love it as we do.


Our Restaurant 

We have worked hard to create The Bracebridge as it is today. We’re in a place of natural beauty and occupy a historic building. It was important to us to be both tasteful and respectful. We took inspiration from our location to inform our interior decor. We used earth tones and textures taken from the surrounding foliage.

These combine to promote a relaxing indoor dining space. It’s an attempt to bring the outside inside. Classic art deco influences result in decor that’s plush and a touch glamorous, can you tell we’re proud of it? We’ve created a cosy space. Cosy, but not cramped. There’s plenty of room between tables. We can accommodate large groups and intimate dining at the same time.

Our Terrace

Our covered terrace is open year-round for al fresco dining. It’s a lovely place to eat while you enjoy the view. We love how the view changes throughout the seasons too. Each with its own character. If you think it’s beautiful in summer, wait until you see autumn. Heating and faux furs are available for those who love a stark winter view, or enjoy the first flush of spring.

We’re surrounded by beautiful woodland walks, right on our doorstep. Ideal if you need to work up an appetite. We’re a favourite among cyclists and walkers. We love dogs too, if you’ve brought a friend.


Our People

Our team is there to help you relax and enjoy yourself. This all starts with our people. We’re an independent, family oriented business. We all feel like a family, and it’s a feeling we wish to share with our guests. General manager Gilles Larroque always leads our excellent team from the front. So you can expect a warm, friendly welcome while we get you seated. The team will do all they can to create a memorable experience for you.

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“We’re proud of our independent, family oriented business. We all feel like family, it’s a feeling we wish to share with our guests.”    

Claire Brough - Owner

Our Food

Start with a drink perhaps. Choose from our selection of handpicked beers and wines. Or ask for our mouthwatering cocktail list. We recommend our very own creation, The Bracebridge. Then peruse the food menu. We have a love of locally grown foods. Delicious, fresh and good for the environment. What’s not to love? It also introduces a seasonality to our dishes and so our menus will change throughout the year. Hearty foods abound. You’ll find all the classics like steaks, burgers, pizza. With vegan and vegetarian choices too, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Expect seasonal, global twists on familiar favourites made with skill and heart. Then pair your food with the perfect wine from our curated wine list.

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